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We had our ups and downs.. With my husband

I’m was only beginning my 3rd year of a really unstable relationship with my husband Jason, we had our ups and downs.. Mainly downs, we didn’t live together, because he refused to move out of his mothers home…i live with my sister…

This past Friday I was threatened by him verbally, i left in the vehicle he had for years now..which I was keeping at my sisters, and I’ll be honest there was alcohol involved, and this coming Saturday I gave the keys to his parents to take his ride back to him, on Sunday evening, I was drinking..called him up to pick me up?thinking all will be okay..smh..it wasn’t…

We argued he had threatened to kill me..so I got off and begin walking away..he came at me with his vehicle, the passenger door, which I left open when I got off ….hit me the first time..and he reversed..came at me again..it happened so fast..i was pinned between his vehicle and a vehicle that no longer ran that was parked a was from where I was walking…?..

He reversed..got out of his vehicle and fled into his mothers home..cops and ambulance were called..charges pressed..?

He went to court, was given a bond…and is out and about..feel like I got no justice out of all this..?scared..waiting to go surgery on my ankle..not wanting to be seen no place by him..and we live around the same area..i don’t know what I am going to do..i don’t feel safe

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