This is a great group , my story Is to long & difficult | Where is Map

This is a great group , my story Is to long & difficult

This is a great group , my story Is to long & difficult to talk about I’ll just say it’s been 3 y/RS since I’ve heard or seen my 3 Grandchildren.

They use to live in Maine but moved to SC I went with but came back that’s why it’s a long story let’s put it this way I lost everything I owned thanks to my Daughter whom I don’t speak to & never will. But I was w/my grandchildren from birth till the youngest is almost 13 she left when she was 9 the boys are 17 & 19.

Another Dauther in NY that I haven’t seen maybe 13 y/RS & have 3 Grandchildren there I have contact w./them but not often, my daughter Lynn I gave up on & told her don’t bother she never contacted me anyway. I have picked myself up so many times & always reminded strong , at 65 I’m to tied to do it anymore it seems I can’t get rid of that black cloud I walk around with.

I use to love love, feeding birds , gardening, but since grandchildren left , it’s all downhill, myself & my granddaughter KAYLEE’ went to every event & all things going on. My youngest Daughter Ginny is married to a pointless person who is a Pathatic Pathological lier he has ruin a few lives as well as mine by lieing to my grandchildren, but my story is to long & I am a very emotional wreak so it’s to painful to talk about it to anyone. I cry unconditionally a lot. But thank you for adding my friend Melissa sent me a request. So thanks.

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