South Korea Map and Map of South Korea, South Korea on Map | Where is Map

South Korea Map and Map of South Korea, South Korea on Map

South Korea Map

Republic of Korea. Commonly known as South Korea. East Asian country, located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. It borders the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the North. To the east lies the sea of Japan or the East Sea, to the south the Strait of Korea, which separates it from Japan, and to the West The Yellow Sea.

The Republic of South Korea was born on 15 August 1948. Its first president was Syngman Rhee, elected in elections that took place with the presence of U.S. military troops in the territory. For 14 years Rhee ruled the country autocratically and imposed a Constitution to perpetuate himself in power as a constitutional dictator.

South Korea is a military ally of the United States government.

South Korea on Map
South Korea on Map
South Korea Map
South Korea Map
Map of South Korea
Map of South Korea

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