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So my story is finally becoming worth all the hurt!

So my story is finally becoming worth all the hurt! For years me and my soon to be ex husband had issues. The last time we separated and came back together, I thought we got our shit shorted out.

Discussing further plans and had 2 amazing years of engagement to have everything fall apart on our wedding night when he told me he owned me! Again I was felt to feel like the foolbutbit wasn’t worth a fight so I let it go.

Long story short he bought me my dream dog as I was having issues with my health/getting pregnant (he always bought my love) turns out the dog was sick with a serious parasite so I started questioning the breeder. He got nasty, said horrible things that left me crying myself to sleep. I was told to drop my concerns with the breeder and vet that was very much involved with the breeder, after he took their side telling me that things between us would get very serious if I didn’t. He sore that he would never treat me or our kids this way (if we ever had them) but my eyes were opened so I left him with my dog!

Now that I have been taking my dog to the dog park almost every single day I have met other people that have been victims from this breeder, Who is over charging them with sick puppies and some have actually died so now there is a major lawsuit against this breeder and I will finally be heard in court!

This proves to me even more that he was the wrong person to be with and I’m so glad I have a puppy instead of a child! What a blessing, my puppy came into my life at the right time and saved me!

I’m not one for revenge but I hope he hears that I was right about this breeder and vet and chokes on his pride!

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