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So, I’m dealing with the emotional fall out

So, I’m dealing with the emotional fall out of not having been invited to my younger brother’s wedding right now. His wedding was last Saturday. My parents, both of whom contributed financially to the event, didn’t bother challenging him on his decision to leave me off the guest list at all. 

Now that I’m emotionally devastated by all of this, I have my step-dad and mother telling me not to live in the past and not to bother trying to figure out why I was not invited. They claim that they love me and they were very upset about what my brother did too.

Um, HELLO! What parent would let something like this happen between two siblings at such a big family event, when they could have stood up for the kid being emotionally abused by the other one?

I have been dealing with feelings of worthlessness, fear, anxiety, ostracism, humiliation, wondering why I even bother trying to stay clean and sober if I’m never going to be worth much of anything in the family, etc since this happened, and I am now being told to minimize my feelings around everyone’s cowardly inaction to make sure both siblings were equally valued and represented.

How do you deal with something so hurtful and triggering? I don’t know where to go from here, concerning my blood family, and the uncertainty is bothering me a lot.

One thought on “So, I’m dealing with the emotional fall out

  • October 3, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    You beautiful lady!!! It’s easy for ppl to say ..don’t bother or don’t worry…not so much for you…you talk about being sober and why bother….you just like everyone else is deserving of a good stable and happy life…. never give up on yourself…how would we look to to if you don’t?? Some ppl are not to quick to forgive..or hold onto anger…that’s making them miserable…and holds them back…your heart is good….and in the right place…stay positive…remain calm…and fully have the knowledge that this is not on is on him…
    Praying for your peace


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