Where is San Diego, CA? / Located California Map

Where is San Diego, CA? / Located California Map – If someone made a list of American cities solely on the basis of weather conditions, then San Diego would stand in the first place.

Where is San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city on the Pacific coast in the southwestern part near the border with Mexico, in the state of California. The city is famous for its low crime rate, stunning beaches and 16 colleges here. Choosing a beach in San Diego can be a long event, as the city is surrounded by them from all sides. Architecture differs eclectic mixture from the Spanish colonial style to the Neo-Gothic and Moorish buildings.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State California
Population 1,307,402
Elevation 31 m over sea level
Time Zone PDT
Longitude -117.157260
Latitude 32.715330
Airports Naval Air Station North Island, Montgomery Field Airport, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, San Diego International Airport, Brown Field Municipal Airport, Gillespie Field


Map of San Diego

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San Diego
Where is San Diego

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