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Russia Map and Map of Russia, Russia on Map

Russia Map

Russia is the common name of a country in Europe and Asia, which until 1991 was part of the Soviet Union (USSR). Its official name is Russian Federation. The territory it occupies is the largest in the world. It has a surface area of 17 075 400 square kilometers, with a wide diversity of climatic zones and geographical regions.

Russia’s territorial area borders more countries, and has the longest borders.
Russia established a world power and influence from the time of the Russian Empire to be the largest constituent country of the Soviet Union (USSR), the first and largest socialist state and a recognized superpower.

The Russian Federation was founded upon the extinction of the Soviet Union in 1991, but is recognized as the emblematic legataria of the legal personality of the Soviet Union.

Russia on Map
Russia on Map
Russia Map
Russia Map
Map of Russia
Map of Russia

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