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Portugal Map / Geography of Portugal / Map of Portugal

Portugal Map / Geography of Portugal / Map of Portugal – Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula to the west of the European continent and is a European country. Portugal is the neighbor of Spain to the East and north, with the Atlantic Ocean to the West. The Madeira and Azores Islands, located in the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean, are part of Portugal.

Portugal Map

Portugal is a highly developed country with turquoise beaches, vast nature, historic sites and rich culture. Portugal has many historic sites listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List. Portugal is composed of 18 regions and 308 municipalities.

Portugal is governed by the Republic system and the capital of the country is the city of Lisbon. Lisbon is also Portugal’s cultural and economic center. The currency of the country is Euro. The official language of the Portuguese country is Portuguese. English, Italian, German and Spanish languages are also spoken in the country.

81 per cent of the population of Portugal belong to the Catholic denomination of Christianity. Seven percent of the country’s population is atheistic, the rest is Protestants, Muslims and Hindus.

The northern part of Portugal has a temperate climate and the southern part has a warm climate. Portugal can be visited every season. Portugal is among the countries requiring a visa. There are direct flights to Portugal from every city of America.

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