Pedophile is a criminal

Pedophile Article. – I am a proud american isn’t it time to end pedaphiles , abuse of children ,teens women .What will it take to clean the swamp and get people who generally care for american lives being lost. End porn and the beatings women have to endure end prostitution, end trafficking. Get the resources needed to end the evil plaguing this country. I’d help you in your fight get the evil out of our country is my cry.

You did not answer any of the questions . don’t have a clue , knowing where and what to find is in your best interest but as usual no answers. Come back please you honestly want to listen and help. Don’t waste my time with silence.

I’ve only got one thing to say to you about your post on hitting g a child with a paddle. Your devil demented narcissist abuser of the worse kind . no gone not even a parent should ever hit a child with a paddle just his sick can you be. I would never condone any fken pos teacher ,principal stranger, priest, pastor or anyone . child abuse is risen the last 2 years . talk to those who have been trafficked and find outstanding why they ran away from home ,physical and sexual abuse to get away from it and here you are promoting it. You make me sick and so angry and all these fk idiots don’t give a dam be cause as for them any kind of abuse goes. You need to stop this shit and think about all the abuse going on today to promote abuse of any kids is disgusting. You need to think about those kids who are a abused what they go threw instead of promoting abuse on a child.

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