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Ladies I NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!! As I grew up in a small town of Brooklet Georgia I wondered why our house was so huge and surrounded by gates and walls And why we went to private school or was home schooled but then as I got older I found out what kind of work my dad did and wow just wow…

My dad worked his butt off at a very high cost for his family!!! 3 girls and 4 boys and a wife. After retiring he became one of the best truck drivers I have ever seen in my life…My father taught us to never rely on a man, always stand your ground and always play with a full deck (Always play with the jokers also lol) and never show your hand to always let it be a surprise and NEVER fold!!! and never start something you can’t finish.

And if there was a problem brought to me go ahead and whip ass, don’t stand there and spitbox ( Daddy I know I made you proud on that part lol) And to always know your surroundings and he would always tell me ,baby girl everyone who shakes your hand, smiles at you or hugs your neck doesn’t always have your best interest at heart, boy was he so right!!!

This has always stuck with me, he said “life is always going to knock you down but it’s up to you how many times you stand back up” I know exactly where hes coming from now!! this is one time that I have been brought to knees and not get right back up!! I don’t know how to stand up without him…. well God called him home while in Wednesday church services, My daddy left his Temporary Tennessee smoky mtn home for his forever home in heaven!!

My dad was a Champion boxer!!! I could always go to my daddy and sit on his lap and cry or laugh and he would hold me as if I was still a little girl. he was the first man I ever loved, and he truly loved me. I will never find another man who will love me the way my daddy did, how will I go on living this life when my protector is gone.???

The referee finally ring the bell for my dad to go to this perminent home, my brother is also up in heaven (he followed in my daddy’s shoes) he was a golden glove boxer and champion of 4 states and I know those 2 are still hugging and smiling and I just hope that my angels above will carry me through these next Hardest days of my life.

God you said “when you only see one set of foot prints it is than that I carried you” God please carry me, because I don’t think I can do this alone!! Daddy you taught me so much about life, but you didn’t teach me how to live life without you!!

You will forever be my champion my protector and now my Angel!!! RIP DADDY (Daddy heres your favorite Pictures of me) I love you Champ!!!

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