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I need God’s will to be done, I can’t fight anymore.

Good morning ladies. I never put my feelings out there or ask for help/prayers. My life is a mess, I’m turning to the wisdom of you powerful ladies. I know there are some prayer warriors in this group. I need God’s will to be done, I can’t fight anymore.

I’m currently homeless with a son who’s a senior in high school. I work 2 jobs 1 full time as a counselor and part time as a pharmacy tech. Due to a car accident (not my fault) that totaled my nearly paid for car and put me out of work and cost me medical bills, because the person who has been determined at fault’s insurance company won’t pay because I had a lapse in coverage.

I was sitting at a red light, he turned in front of an oncoming vehicle who hit him, throwing him across the highway hitting me. I now have 2 car payments, & increased insurance because I financed another car. I couldn’t afford the house I was renting so I broke my lease after telling the landlord my situation, he acted like he understood. The day after I told him, (I told him on a Thursday), there was a notice to appear in court on Monday taped to the side of the house.

He put a judgement on me and probably will garnish my wages. Putting me in more of a financial bind. I’ve been sleeping on my daughter’s couch or my boyfriend’s house trying to save money. I keep getting a respiratory illness every few weeks. I’m sick today. I’m starting to believe its stress induced.

2 weeks ago my boyfriend asked me to move in with him if his landlord agreed. After 2 weeks of stalling and avoiding us Friday his landlord said no. Ok no big deal; we regroup and move on, right? That’s not what happened.
From Friday to this morning my relationship completely changed. My boyfriend negates my feelings of disappointment and ultimately rejection from him, and says he needs a few weeks to think about us. He accuses me of overthinking and thinking the worst. Its not the first time he’s said that when he’s been on the hot seat. I’m confused, what changed? Thursday we were happy.

We’ve only been together 5 months and there certainly have been a few speed bumps as is in most new relationships. When he feels pressured he pulls away and throws himself in his work. I’ve seen the checks, I know that is true. I don’t believe my boyfriend stood up for our relationship, his landlord said no because I still owe my landlord. If my income was going to be a factor I can understand but I wasn’t moving in to help him pay rent. He can well finance himself.

He wanted me to live with him so we can have more time together. Just a natural progression of our relationship. Yes I do love him very much. And I believe he loves me.I just wanted him to fight for me. Now he doesn’t even want me to visit. I’m so very confused. I was already stressed out over my housing situation, praying for a miracle. I saw him asking me to move in as my miracle, because I never asked him to move in.

I became hopeful that things would start getting better and I wouldn’t have to stress so much. Now he’s suggesting we wait until his lease is up mid January 2019 to even see each other. We live 2 hours apart. I need prayers, an intervention, something. I don’t have anyone who can help, I’ve been leaning on Jeremiah 29:11. Praying without stopping for a miracle. Thanks in advance. #notfeelingstrongtoday

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