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I married a joke just a few months after that he said he wanted a divorce.

Hello everyone!
Little story of my life in 2013 I married a joke just a few months after that he said he wanted a divorce.

I was fine with that because he was into drugs and alcohol and I was not and it was ruining the family he left I met somebody new and I got pregnant with my fifth child my husband at the time came back home the police and courts said that I could not kick him out because I was his residence fine I was trying to get a divorce but I had filed for divorce and he had a woman call and say it was me with all my information and say I did not want the divorce then the courts lost 2 more divorce papers.

I had a critical pregnancy and had my gallbladder removed last 3 months pregnant and had to go through IV infusions so I didn’t go with the courts anymore until after I had the baby needless to say he stayed and would not leave even though we weren’t together and he was seeing somebody else and so was I he signed my baby’s birth certificate out of spite to the father during after I had the baby he beat me and my kids really bad to where he ended up in prison I filed a fourth time and the judge granted my divorce within a month. since then I have not been with him and have been remarried with my child’s father.

I did not know by signing a birth certificate meant that that person was biologically in the state eyes of Oregon the parent so I took full custody of the baby so that he did not come back around to my house child support has asked him 3 times to come and take a DNA test so that he could get taken off the birth certificate and not have to pay child support he has refused he has now been with his new partner for going on 2 years they recently moved and I just got a call from child support and they’re making me fill out paperwork to put him in jail for non-payment of Child Support remind you he’s on post-prison supervision so now he’s going to go to jail for child is not his that he wanted to be a jerk and sign the birth certificate out of spite and end up back in prison I don’t think he’s very smart at this point time I thought it was all done and over when I divorced him seems like I’m still living the nightmare everyday. I surely hope this is over soon and he wises up and just signs my son off that’s not his he can’t even have kids he got fixed after his first marriage.

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