Hurts the ones whose voice should be heard and the true cause.

Dear all of you,Women have a right to be heard. But they should be heard without inviting the circus into town. Recent events have not strengthened the #MeToo movement; They have put it on life support. The tragedy now that the #MeToo movement became the manipulation of women’s compassion, fears and painful memories for political gain- which at the end all comes down to money, not talking about those women are using the movement now only for fame and money , which hurts the ones whose voice should be heard and the true cause.

Women’s emotions have been toyed .For me, it is difficult to ignore the hypocrisy in the #MeToo movement’s claim to be giving a voice to women while trying to demean or even silence the voices of women who disagree with the movement’s choices and ways how to represent us.We are supposed to always believe women’s stories of sexual misconduct.

However, those who care about the future of the women’s movement need to realize that if everything is credible, then nothing will be credible.

Jumping the shark on uncorroborated but politically convenient accusations severely undermines the credibility of future sexual assault victims.

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