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He was a great father but very bad boy friend.

New here kinda nervous about posting for the first Time. 
Me and my children’s father were together for 5 years this past March. And finally decided to go our separate ways. He was a great father but very bad boy friend.

He cheated on me during both of my pregnancies and we have gotten into several physical fights over the years because of his cheating and me not being able to trust him. I finally walked away last April but he decided he was done cheating and wanted our family to work i needed time to process all the stuff i just learned about what he did behind my back, cheated for a year lied about going to work when he was actually with her buying her stuff before our daughter and cheating with another girl in our home while i was in the hospital recovering from having our son. Why i wanted to take him back and make things work I’ll never know. But this year i decided ok let’s do this let’s be together and all that.

Well after i decided I’ll take him back he decides he don’t want me he wants random sex with random girls and I’m not good enough for him. Mind you i was still cooking his food and treating him amazing like we were together. But now he don’t want me as of July of this year he made that decision but it broke me tore me down and i don’t know why i reacted the way i did i was begging for him to take me back like practically on my knees wanting him to take me back. That was rock bottom and at one point i almost tried to take my life. But I’ve overcame all of that and realized he’s toxic and me and my children deserve to be happy.

I’ve been talking to an old flame from high school so about 7 years ago. And i feel myself getting clingy fact and i don’t want to scare him off since we’re just in the getting to know you phase. How do you overcome something like this, and not get attached to a new love interest so fast, my feelings for my ex are gone i only like him for our children. But on the topic of moving on how do you do so without falling to fast because your not used to getting treated like an equal?

If you read all of this thank you, any feedback will be amazing.

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