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Flag of Kuwait

Kuwait is a state of Asia (Middle East), at the bottom of the Persian Gulf and bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Populated with 2.65 million inhabitants (2012), it has an area of 17,818 km2. The climate, hot and humid in summer, is cold and dry in winter. The soil is very arid; the subsoil is very rich in oil. For its administration, Kuwait is divided into six governorates (muhafazat) : Al Ahmadi, Al ‘Asimah, Al Farwaniyah, Al Jahra’, Hawalli and Mubarak Al Kabir.
Main towns : as Salimiyah (148,000 inhabitants), Sabah as-Salim (139,500 inhabitants), Al Frawaniyah (86,500 inhabitants), Al Fahahil (68,500 inhabitants), the capital : Kuwait City (60,000 inhabitants), AR Riqqah (52,000), Salwa (41,000), etc.

Flag of Kuwait
Flag of Kuwait

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