Capital of Turkey? Where is Capital Located in The World? | Where is Map

Capital of Turkey? Where is Capital Located in The World?

Capital of Turkey? Where is Capital Located in The World? – Ankara is capitaf Turkey, the second most crowded in Turkey and 38. most crowded in the World. Therefore, big part of city is located in the İç Anadolu region. Its make smilar heart of Turkey as of both located and function that since close toTurkey’s geographical center.

Where is Turkey?

Ankara seems a big metropol with upcoming population ratio 5.5 billion today. Ankara have most systematic transport network in Turkey. Because of you can find bus, metro, midibus, tramway and other transport vehicles. Moreever,Planes and Buses came here from around Turkey. If you reach Ankara in one day, Absuality you can see Kızılay square, Tunali Hilmi and Sıhhiye region. Absuality you can plesure and never go back your home. 🙂

Where is Turkey?

Where is Ankara?

Where is Istanbul, Turkey? Istanbul Map


Is Turkey a part of Europe or Asia?

Turkey is located both Europe and Asia continental. İstanbul, Tekirdağ and Edirne cities are located in Europa continent and rest of other Turkey cities are Asia continent.

Quick facts

Population 79,749,461
Density 103.6 / km2 ( 268.4 / mi2 )
Language Turkish
Independence Year 1453
Capital Ankara (Ankara)
Currency Turkish Lira
GDP 800,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 10,031 (2014 data)
Land Area 769,632 km2 (297,156 mi2)
Water Area 13,930 km2 (5,378 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries Iraq, Georgia, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Bulgaria
Minimum Longitude 25.660
Maximum Longitude 44.820
Mininum Latitude 35.820
Maximum Latitude 42.100

Map of Ankara

Pictures of Ankara

Capital of Turkey Ankara
Capital of Turkey

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