Capital of Peru? Located on the Map | Where is Map

Capital of Peru? Located on the Map

Capital of Peru? Located on the Map – Lima is capital of Peru and most important city in South America. Lima is biggest city in Peru and have nearly 10 billiona people. It is location on the Rimac river and on the coast pasific ocean.

Capital of Peru

Lima is that politics, industry and science center of Peru, known named “The Kingdom of the Kings”. Because of this location of city, selected during Three Kingdoms festival that celebrated 6 january in every year. The area where Lima is located, Nearly never rainy and for being near the sea, it is always weather moist. Especially, covered with fog Between June-September months.

Lime is very damaged Peru earthquake in 1746; It is occupied by Chili army between 1881-1883 years during Great Ocean Wars. During this occupation, Many of museums buildings, science and literature collection are damaged.

Where is Peru?

Capital of Peru
Capital of Peru Located on the Map

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