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Capital of Kenya

Capital of Kenya – Nairobi is capital and biggest of Kenya. Name of city, means to come “Enkare Nairobi” so defination “cold water”. The city has metropolitan area 6.5 billion and population is 3.1 billion person.

Kenya’s Capital is Nairobi

Nairobi established being railway depot by British east african colonial authorities in 1899 year. The town fastly grow replaced Machakos that capital of Kenya in 1907. in 1963, after independence Nairobi, became the capital of Kenya. Kenya’s Colonial period, The city become a center for coffe, tea and sisal industry.

When web say firstly Kenya and Nairobi, of course thing to do is safari. Therefore, except safari, there are many see to place in Nairobi. Nairobi attract attention of tourist within museum, history and national parks.

Map of Kenya

Picture of Kenya

Capital of Kenya
Capital of Kenya

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