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Capital of Brazil?

Capital of Brazil? – Brasília is federal capital location middle-west of Brazil Country. They have to speak official language Portuguese. Brasília is a new city on between 1956 – 1960 years which a decide radical established. After a short time, until then it taken capitalized from Rio de Janerio and given to Brasília. As of 2018 Brasília’s population 2.6 billion. It is an city example is shown with contemporary desging.


Lucio Costa made desgin of city and also Oscar Niemeyer made architecture of city. Breasil Goverment’s all build located in the this city. Brasília’s history was very affected from Rio de Janerio.

Brasília city is quite moist and have hot weather. Winter season is very rare experienced forthere are a climate subtropikal. The temperature generally never change, so it take abundant rainfall. You can go to Brasília city between October and December months.

Map of Brasília

Pictures of Brasília

Capital of Brazil
Capital of Brazil

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