Bishkek Map and Map of Bishkek, Bishkek on Map | Where is Map

Bishkek Map and Map of Bishkek, Bishkek on Map

Bishkek Map

Bishkek. It is the capital and most populous city of Kyrgyzstan, and is also the administrative center of Chuy province within which it is located geographically, but curiously it is not part of the province.

It is located in the Chu River Valley, in the course of the alaarcha and Alamedin rivers, at the foot of the Kyrgyz Mountains, a few kilometres from Kazakhstan. Its altitude is 800 m above sea level. It has a population of 906,000 according to the 2009 census.

Between 1926 and 1991 in honor of the revolutionary leader and general of the Red Army, Mikhail Frunze, who was born in the city. the city took his name.

The city is also known as Bishkek and is believed to derive its name from a Kyrgyz word related to the fermentation of Mare’s milk, which is the country’s national drink.

Map of Bishkek
Map of Bishkek
Bishkek on Map
Bishkek on Map
Bishkek Map
Bishkek Map

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