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Where is Worldwide Auctioneers?

Address: 5634 Opportunity Boulevard Ste A, Auburn, IN 46706
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 9AM–5PM
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Phone: (800) 990-6789

The state car of Adolf Hitler will be auctioned In Scottsdale in January 2018. The 770K large open Touring Car From 1939 is powered by a 7.7 Liter R8 engine. The convertible, powered by a compressor, has 230 hp and was made by hand. The history of the car can be completely proven on the basis of documents. In a letter it says: “Commission number 303 305, Grosser Mercedes, open touring car W150 for the Führer and Reich Chancellor, fourth Führer-car.”The Mercedes was ordered by Hitler’s driver Erich Kempka. The vehicle is equipped with bulletproof windows and armor plates.

But not only Adolf Hitler drove a 770K. The model heads at the head of the state and the Industrial is very popular. The vehicle was pompous and prestigious. So also the Emperor of Japan, Hirohito, or the king of Norway, drove a W150.

Where is Worldwide Auctioneers?
Where is Worldwide Auctioneers?

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