Where is Taza Located? What Country is Taza in? Taza Map | Where is Map

Where is Taza Located? What Country is Taza in? Taza Map

Where is Taza Located?

In northeastern Morocco, about 100 kilometers east of the city of Fes, lies the city of Taza, right between the two mountain ranges of Rif and Middle Atlas. Taza houses about 145,000 inhabitants. Taza is the capital of the province of the same name. Many years ago, two cities were built on a plateau above a valley. After the unification of these two cities the city was called Taza.

What Country is Taza in?

Surrounded by a fortification is the older district, the Medina, about 585 meters above sea level. The new district was built in 1920 by Frenchmen and is located at 445 meters above sea level. Finds suggest that the caves that are located in this area have already been inhabited in the Stone Age. Taza is located directly on a Pass, which is a very important link between the East and west of Morocco. In the past, this connection was of particular importance for military matters.

The Story Tazas

Taza was founded around 700 by the Miknasa Berbers. As the city was strategically important, it was constantly struggling. With the spread of Islam, the power relations often changed due to the different dynasties. In 1074 the area fell to the Berber dynasty of Almoravids. In 1132, Abd al-Mu’min built a fortress wall around the city. The various dynasties changed frequently. European influence in Morocco has gradually increased. In 1903, Jilani Zerhouni took over the power over Taza. He sold mining rights to a Spanish company and was abducted in 1908 of rival Berbers. This kidnapping triggered the so-called Rif War. Taza became a French protectorate on 10 May 1914 and remained under French influence until the independence of Morocco.


The main street of the Old Town leads to an old grain market and the Commercial Trade Center. Various stalls are selling their goods and waiting for tourists to buy. A wide variety of goods and smells put visitors into an unknown and New World. If you follow the road, you will come to a parade ground and the Al-Andalus mosque. The mosque’s elevated position dates back to the 12th century. Following the Bab el-Qebbour road, you will reach a Covered Market Square and from there to the Mark mosque. Like a Ring, the ancient Bastion of the 16th century surrounds an ancient citadel. The impressive entrance of the Bastion is the gate of the winds.

Taza Map

Where is Taza Located? What Country is Taza in? Taza Map
Where is Taza Located? What Country is Taza in? Taza Map

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