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Where Is Siberia? Located in Russia

Where Is Siberia? Located in Russia – Not everyone knows that Siberia is a part of the territory of the Russian Federation (and most of it). And her innumerable riches may not have been heard, and about the beauties, and the importance for the country. And where is Siberia, many people find it difficult to answer.

What countries are in Siberia?

Siberia is called a region that unites many administrative-territorial units of Russia – regions, republics, autonomous okrugs and territories. Its total area is more than three million acres, which is 77 percent of the country’s total territory.

Where is the country of Siberia?

To understand where Siberia is, you need to take a map, find the Ural Mountains on it and “walk” from them to the east to the Pacific Ocean. And then to find the Arctic Ocean and descend to the north of Kazakhstan and to the borders with Mongolia and China.

Map of Siberia

Pictures of Siberia
Where Is Siberia

Is it possible to live in Siberia?
Is Siberia a cold country?

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