Where is Minute Maid Park? How far is Minute Maid Park? | Where is Map

Where is Minute Maid Park? How far is Minute Maid Park?

Where is Minute Maid Park?

Address: 501 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002
Capacity: 41,168
Opened: April 7, 2000
Parking: Estimated 25,000 total spots within walking distance
Owner: Harris County-Houston Sports Authority

Before the Minute Maid Park, there was the Colt Stadium and the Astrodome. Named after the Minute Maid Company after the Houston Astros expanded their partnership with them, Minute Maid Park is a unique baseball stadium that many Houstonians have fallen in love with.
Minute Maid Park, previously called Enron Field Enron Corporation went bankrupt and also known as Astros Field, is home to the Major league Baseball team, the Houston Astros. Located in the city center, you can see the city Skyline during a game. The Ballpark is also Houston’s first stadium with a retractable roof. The retractable roof alone brought a lot of attention and excitement before the opening day.

The stadium’s location was once home to Union Station in Houston, a former railroad station that was of great importance to the city. When playing a game, pay attention to the turn on the left. Whenever an Astro player hits a home run or the Astros win a game, the move moves down the top lane. This train was placed here to pay homage to Union Station. The building now serves as the cornerstone of the baseball stadium and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The main entrance, also known as the Union Station Lobby, was built to look exactly like the former station.

With a seating capacity of about 40,000, including about 5,000 club seats and 63 luxury suites, the baseball stadium has replaced the eighth wonder of the world, the Astrodome. It opened its doors in 2000 and has since hosted the Astros ‘ games on a natural grass field.

The Astros have plans to renovate the stadium to accommodate more food and Bar options. However, the renovation work will not change the seating capacity.

Where is Minute Maid Park? How far is Minute Maid Park?
Where is Minute Maid Park? How far is Minute Maid Park?

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