Where is Madrid, Spain? / Madrid Map

Where is Madrid? Which country capital is madrid and on the world map? Madrid city is currently one of the cities most populer and touristic in the World.

Where is Madrid

Madrid is capital city of Spain and also most crowded city in Spain with population 3.5 billion person. It is center of commercial and management in Spain. Most riches and most poor lived this city. Madrid has icon bear. Therefore, There is a bear statue in on the city square and middle. All visit that come city, Absuality take an photo beside the bear’s icon. When you come this city, We are sure, you absuality like this city.

Spain Map

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Where is Spain?

Madrid established In the 9th century and become capital city in 1561. It is most crowded city of European union
after London and Paris. It has Near 7 million but since very regular and planned city, It has gives an impression like a smaller city. Therefore, It has among most green 12 cities in Europa.

Map of Madrid

Picture of Madrid


Where is Madrid Which country capital is madrid
Where is Madrid Which country capital is madrid

Where is the city of Madrid located?
Where Madrid is located in Spain?
Which country is Madrid in?
How densely populated is Madrid?

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