Where is Kigali? What Country is Kigali in? Kigali Map | Where is Map

Where is Kigali? What Country is Kigali in? Kigali Map

Kigali is an African country city. It is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. Kigali is located in the centre of Rwanda. The city of Kigali stands out with its natural beauties, museums, monuments and historical buildings.

Where is Kigali?

These are the main places to visit in the city. Kivu Lake, which is one of the city’s most popular attractions, the House Natural History Museum dedicated to Richard Kant, Rwanda National Museum, Akagera National Park, nyama church and the nartama Church, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city as a gift to Kigali by the Belgian government.

Quick facts

Country Rwanda
District Kigali
Population 745,261
Elevation 1,542 m over sea level
Time Zone CAT
Longitude 30.058850
Latitude -1.949950
Airport Kigali International Airport


Kigali is close to the equator. In the city of Kigali, temperature values are close to each other throughout the year. There is a tropical climate in Kigali. The ideal time to visit Kigali is between December and February. There are direct flights from America to Kigali.

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