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Where is Hillary Clinton?

Where is Hillary Clinton? -Hillary Clinton is one of most searching on internet. Who is Hillary Clinton? Where she is live, house and from originally?

Where is Hillary Clinton From Originally

Hillary Clinton is bornd (26. Oktober 1947) and originally name Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. She is Politiker. She served to be first lady Between 1993 and 2001 that her wife Bill Clinton is a president in USA. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. When she was 3 age, move to Park Ridge, Illinois with her parents. Her father name is Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and he is a child of British and Irish immigrants. Her mather is Annesi Dorothy Emma Howell and She was a housewife. Hillary Clinton has at two brother.

When she child, served many activity such as in church and at school. And she was involved tennis and another sports and won awards such as Brownie ve Girl Scout.

Where is Hillary Clinton’s House

in 2017, She loses against trump in presidential race. Nowadays, She lives in your own home. Not very happy and might be angirly to President Turmp.

Hillary Clinton
Where is Hillary Clinton

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  • December 24, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Hillary Clinton is most talented politics in American history. I love her. Thanks

    • December 24, 2017 at 2:05 pm

      But She is farmer now.

  • February 6, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    (Feb. 06, 2018)
    Hillary very nice lady.
    Me know her since 1969 when we still both in hi skool .
    Me , Aleksander , then be senior at the Mark the Keppel H.S.
    Hillary was very pretty very purfect black-haired girl from Alhambra H.S.
    Spring semester 1969 she come with classmate from her skool to ELAC ,
    East Los Angeles College , in byootiful downtown Monterey Park.
    Me , Aleksander , also matriculate to ELAC in afternoons to imbibe and digest additional transferable coursework to University of Calipornia (Burkeley).
    Me , Aleksander , come to ELAC with Phil Baker , excellent classmate from MKHS , primarily Latin studies. Phil also excellent athlete Varsity “American” football , Varsity wrestling , and T&F (Shot Put).
    But Phil ingest too many reds (seconal) and come stumbling to school in December 1968 (after football season). Dean of Boys , Mr. Dilley , says to Phil , “We not gonna do nothing to you , just tell us what you did before coming to school this morning.” So Phil honestly responds , “I took four reds.”
    IMMEDIATE EXPULSION from Mark Keppel H.S. and inconvenient transfer to neighboring San Gabriel H.S. (SGHS).
    So for Phil’s honesty and trusting nature he gets shafted out of his high school and pals of the past twelve years of his primary and secondary skooling.
    Also then i have to go over there each day (SGHS) to pick him up , and so then the two of us can meander over to ELAC for afternoon classes.

    Phil and Me take Psychology 1 at ELAC.
    Instructor is Helen Miller Bailey , for whom the present main campus Biblioteka is named for …. EXCELLENT !
    Check dis out : Sitting to my left in Psych 1 class is black-haired girl wearing purfect shoes , purfect dress , purfect hair , purfect skin , purfect nails , purfect handwriting , purfect English ……. WOW , she is really putting in a lot of effort right there to be a student . She not cazzsch (like me) or hip (like Phil) .
    This girl just plain “PURRRFECT” , not like our regular beachy barrio girls.
    So before the conclusion of the first two weeks of Mrs. Bailey’s enthusiastic explanations (of Maslow , Piaget , Montessori , Skinner , Pavlov , Freud , Bandura , Seligman , et cetera ad ennui) . . . . . .
    Me leans into “purfect girl” and pokes : “Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-howdy-doody , my name is Alecks , and this fella over here is Phil, Phil …. uhhh Baker. Eye is from Mark the Keppel H.S. and my podner is presently from San Gabriel H.S.”
    And with purfectly courteous protocol , she responds , “This is my classmate , Kim . My name is Hillary, Hillary Rodham . We are from Alhambra H.S.”
    I still considered Phil to be an Aztec from Mark the Keppel H.S. even though he had been unfairly and ignominiously drummed out into the nether regions of the Alhambra Unified School District.
    We both placed our hands on our respective pants pocket switchblades for anticipated knife fight with
    any arch rivals from Alhambra H.S. once our corresponding academic information was to be politely but firmly reciprocated.
    Alex : “HILLARY !?! What ?! That’s what a midwest farmer names his dairy cow ! How else did your folks mess you up ? You ain’t never gonna be a United States senator with a goofy anachronistic name like that !”

    47 years later out of the 2016 National Election against Donald Chump purfect girl racks up an historical 8.5 million votes in CA-CA-CA-California (the nation’s number one state in everything except misery and cost of living) to toss an unprecedented 4.5 million vote margin into the national popular vote total , which she commanded by 2.9 million votes.
    That Electoral College business is fuct up (Gore v. Bush 2000 also) , and i hates it .
    Gonna do some Constitutional gastrointestinal amending to that undemocratic process.
    Just hang in there with me , Congress and state legislatures .

    Meanwhile , sure hell there’s more to all this . Just keep your britches on a bit more .
    Everything , everything , everything …… all aspects to become stranger , funnier , weirder , and in some parts kind of worrisome a bit . (Britishly euphemistic)
    But the hard core no mercy thing we pressing is . . . . Donald Trump is born in 1941 in San Marino, California as Donald Henry Segretti , convicted in 1974 by Judge Sirica in D.C. Federal Court of four misdemeanor counts of Watergate era national campaign chicanery (1972 primaries) for which he stood on his head and did four months federal detention (an office building in downtown Washington, DC).
    We gonna publicly nail Trump , the career bamboozler , and bypass House impeachment and subsequent Senate conviction .
    We gonna set up the New Jersey swindler Trump for an embarrassing electoral knockout with a stripping him of GOP renomination.
    Suck on that , Donald , you goddamn Roma bastard.
    You not even Eye-talian. You a goddamn Gypsy , like me .
    The chump going down .
    FBI has Segretti’s fingerprints from indictment and intake process at federal incarceration (1970’s).
    They also have Trump’s prints via his application for New jersey state gambling license (1980’s).
    Bottom line we cajole a district court bench banger to instruct the FBI to turn over both sets of prints for public , media , judicial , or Congressional examination. No prints …… we push all the way up to the USSC . Meanwhile , the OTO-glyphic comparisons of the outer ears (aka pinnas or auricles) will be cogently presented to facilitate a searing hot media (and subsequent congressional) sensation.

    F**k you , Trump , you going down in shame , swindler cradle napper .

    Alexander Dunetz , California , USA
    I did not hate Trump until being forced to intently focus with diligent research effort over his crooked continuing criminal-enterprising ass.

  • April 2, 2018 at 2:14 am

    What is this? Don’t know or care who, what or where she is. Enough already.

    • April 2, 2018 at 1:40 pm



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