Where is Guam? Located On The Map | Where is Map

Where is Guam? Located On The Map

Where is Guam? – The island of Guam is the largest island among the Mariana Islands, near which is the famous Mariana Trench. Administratively Guam belongs to the United States of America, but at the same time it is not part of it.

Where is Guam?

The nature and tourist potential of Guam are surprisingly diverse. The peak of the tourist season falls on the period from December to May. In the remaining months of the year on Guam, the rainy season and here are frequent hurricanes that are originating in the Pacific region.

The mild tropical climate of the island, its flora and fauna, beautiful coral reefs can make to visit this place again and again. However, not only beaches, waterfalls and hills can be of interest to tourists. Those who like active rest, there are waiting for a wonderful site for diving and surfing.

Map of Guam

Picture of Guam

Where is Guam

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