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Where is Greece? What Country and Continent is Greece?

Greece is located in the south of the Balkans. Islands, beaches and the popular place of holidaymakers. Since it has been home to many civilizations in the past, it is a preferred country in cultural tourism.

Where is Greece?

It is bordered by Turkey to the East, Albania to the North, Macedonia and Bulgaria to the southeast, the Aegean Sea to the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the West, and the Adriatic Sea to the South. The capital of the country is the city of Athens with a long history. The currency of the country is Euro. The official language of the country is Greek. In addition to Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian and Armenian languages are spoken in the country.

There are 17 different historical regions and places in Greece in the World Heritage List. Greece, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, also has a Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit the country is May, June, September and October. One of the countries that require visas to Greece, America, Europe or Turkey by land, sea and air transportation is provided.

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