Where is Denmark? Located in The World? Denmark Map

Where is Denmark? / Where is Denmark Located in The World? / Denmark Map – Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. Denmark is the smallest country on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Most of the country is located on the Jylland Peninsula. It is located in the south of Denmark in Germany, east of Sweden and west of the sunken sea in the North Sea.

Where is Denmark?

Denmark, one of Europe’s most contemporary and human rights-sensitive countries, stands out with its colorful houses, delicious food, and its enormous historical structures. The country consists of more than 400 islands. In terms of its surface area, the Greenland and Faroe Islands, the largest islands in the world, also include Denmark.

The country is ruled by absolute monarchy. Copenhagen is capital city of Denmark. The official language of the country is Danish. Apart from the Danish language, English is also widely spoken in the country. The country’s official religion is Lutheran. There are also believers in the religion of Islam and Judaism in the country. The best time to visit the country during the summer months. Denmark is among the countries requiring a visa. There is a direct flight from every Airport in the world to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Quick facts

Population 5,543,453
Density 130.6 / km2 ( 338.3 / mi2 )
Language Danish
Independence Year 980
Capital Copenhagen (Capital Region)
Currency Danish Krone
GDP 342,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 61,694 (2014 data)
Land Area 42,434 km2 (16,384 mi2)
Water Area 660 km2 (255 mi2)
Neighbouring Country Germany
Minimum Longitude 8.070
Maximum Longitude 15.160
Mininum Latitude 54.560
Maximum Latitude 57.740


Map of Denmark

Picture of Denmark

Where is Denmark - Where is Denmark Located in The World - Denmark Map
Where is Denmark – Where is Denmark Located in The World – Denmark Map

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