Where is Cyprus? Located in The World? Cyprus Map

Where is Cyprus? / Where is Cyprus Located in The World? / Cyprus Map – Like most of the islands of the Mediterranean, Cyprus often changed the hosts. Archaeological data tell us about the pre-Greek tribes that lived here in the Stone Age.

Where is Cyprus?

Greek rule, passed under the rule of the Roman, and then the Byzantine Empire. Today, Cyprus is divided into two parts. The Northern is controlled by the Turks. In the southern part of the island is the Republic of Cyprus.

Monuments of archeology of the ancient and Byzantine epoch, sandy beaches with developed infrastructure, mild climate, shallow sea, road network piercing the island, a variety of prices and high level of service all attract tourists to Cyprus from all over Europe. Most resort towns are popular in the summer season, but individual tourist destinations are designed for year-round recreation.

Quick facts

Population 1,138,071
Density 123.2 / km2 ( 319.0 / mi2 )
Languages Modern Greek (1453-), Turkish
Independence Year 1960
Capital Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Currency Euro
GDP 23,226,158,986 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 20,408 (2014 data)
Land Area 9,241 km2 (3,568 mi2)
Water Area 10 km2 (4 mi2)
Minimum Longitude 32.270
Maximum Longitude 34.590
Mininum Latitude 34.565
Maximum Latitude 35.690


Map of Cyprus

Picture of Cyprus

Where is Cyprus Located in The World Cyprus Map
Where is Cyprus Located in The World Cyprus Map

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