Where is Brazil? Located in The World? / Brazil Map

Where is Brazil? / Where is Brazil Located in The World? / Brazil Map – Brazil located in South America. It has officially name is Federal Republic of Brazil. Brazil is a biggest and most corewded in South America. It has border neighbors are with Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, French, Colombia and Guyana. Also, it is located on the coast of the country’s Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Brazil?

Brazil is a federail republic. It consist 26 regional. Brasilia is capital city of Country. But, The biggest city of Country is Sao Paulo. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. In addition to Portuguese, English and Spanish are also spoken in the country. 82 percent of the population is Christian religion in Brazil. There are also groups who believe in Judaism and Islam in the country without Christians.

The country’s currency is Brazilian real. Brezil is a country and don’t want visa from many countries. The best dates for visiting the country between December and March, Because of the fact that most of the Brazilian country has dominated the tropical climate. There are direct and connecting flights to Brazil from all over the world.

Quick facts

Population 205,716,890
Density 24.3 / km2 ( 63.0 / mi2 )
Language Portuguese
Independence Year 1822
Capital Brasilia (Federal District)
Currency Brazilian Real
GDP 2,350,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 11,423 (2014 data)
Land Area 8,459,417 km2 (3,266,198 mi2)
Water Area 55,460 km2 (21,413 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries GuyanaArgentinaBoliviaParaguayPeru,


Minimum Longitude -73.990
Maximum Longitude -29.300
Mininum Latitude -33.740
Maximum Latitude 5.260


Map of Brazil

Picture of Brazil

Where is Brazil - Where is Brazil Located in The World - Brazil Map
Where is Brazil – Where is Brazil Located in The World – Brazil Map

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