Where is Belarus? Located in The World? Belarus Map

Where is Belarus? / Where is Belarus Located in The World? / Belarus Map – Belarus is located in Northern Europe with officially name Republic Of Belarus. Belarus is a old SSCB country. Belarus has neighbors Poland in the West, Lithuania in the Northwest, Latvia in the north, Russian Federation in the East and Ukraine in the South.

Where is Belarus

Belarus is a single country giving the death penalty in Europa. Belarus which there is no sea shore, 40 percent of the forest consists of. There are 11.000 lakes in country. Minsk is capital city of Belarus both biggest city in the country. There are two officially language of country as Belarus and Russian. Polish and Ukrainian are also spoken in country except these two languages. Mostly in the country, There are sections of faith such as Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Islam and Judaism beliefs.

Belarus which have hard climate, You can visited the most appropriate period is between July and August. If you want to go Minsk city, you can easly ticket every airport.

Quick facts

Population 9,542,883
Density 47.0 / km2 ( 121.8 / mi2 )
Languages Belarusian, Russian
Independence Year 1991
Capital Minsk (Minsk)
Currency Belarussian Ruble
GDP 76,139,250,365 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 7,979 (2014 data)
Land Area 202,900 km2 (78,340 mi2)
Water Area 4,700 km2 (1,815 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
Minimum Longitude 23.170
Maximum Longitude 32.770
Mininum Latitude 51.260
Maximum Latitude 56.160


Map of Belarus

Picture of Belarus

Where is Belarus - Where is Belarus Located in The World - Belarus Map
Where is Belarus – Where is Belarus Located in The World – Belarus Map

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