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Where is Banda Sea?

Where is Banda Sea?

The Bandasee is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of the Indonesian island World.

It stretches approximately 1200 km from West to East and 600 kilometers from North to South. Approximate geographical position of the Bandasee: 122 ° to 132° east longitude and 2° to 8 ° south latitude.

The Deep Sea basin of Lake Banda is up to 5800 meters deep. The lowest point, however, lies in the east of Lake Bandasee with the Weaver low (7440 meters).

The Banda sea is surrounded by the Great Sunda Islands to the West, the Banda arc of the lesser Sunda Islands in the South, and the Moluccas in the North and East. In the North, in the Molukkensee, in the North-East in the Seramsee, in the East, in the Arafura, in the South in the Timor sea, in the southwest in the Sawusee and in the West in the Floressee.

Larger Islands on the edges of the Banda sea Sulawesi with Buton and Muna in the West, Buru, Seram and yamdena region, Timor, Wetar and Flores in the South. Although the Banda Sea is surrounded by thousands of rocky islands and ships have to navigate there carefully, it is almost island-free in its center; the Banda Islands are worth mentioning.

The Timorese call the calm Banda Sea ➢ – Feto, the women’s sea, in contrast to the rough Timor Sea, The ➢ -Mane, the men’s sea.

The Bandasee is regularly shaken by earthquakes.

Where is Banda Sea?
Where is Banda Sea?

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