Where is Astrakhan, Russia? Map of Astrakhan | Where is Map

Where is Astrakhan, Russia? Map of Astrakhan

The city of Astrakhan is the administrative center of the Astrakhan region,
1534 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It is located on the Caspian lowland, on the Volga River, in the upper part of its delta.

Where is Astrakhan, Russia
Where is Astrakhan, Russia
Map of Astrakhan
Map of Astrakhan

The climate is sharply continental, arid. The average temperature in January is -10 ° C, July 25 ° C. Precipitation is 230 mm per year. There are river and sea ports of the Volga-Caspian basin, a transport hub of railway lines (to Saratov, Kizlyar, Guryev) and highways (to Volgograd, Stavropol, etc.), an international airport.
The city is located on eleven islands, the occupied area is 20,869 hectares, is divided into 4 districts (Kirovsky, Leninsky, Sovetsky, Trusovsky); the population of the city as of 1.01.2015 is 532.7 thousand people. Representatives of more than 100 nationalities live in Astrakhan.

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