Where is Afghanistan? / Located in The World? And Map

Where is Afghanistan? / Located in The World? And Map – Afghanistan has officially named Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, location in the Middle Asia and a land country and there are around mountainous.

Where is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is located  over the Central Asian and South Asian land fragments, has border neighbors Pakistan (East and West), Iran (West) and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China (North). It is biggest 41.country in the World and has  square 652 thousands kilometer area.

It is a islamic state country and has legislative, executive and judicial system. In Country, a large majority of the population are muslims. Afghanistan has an administrative system that consists 34 provinces and 398 districts. Each city has its own capital city and regional administration.

Lastly, Kabul is capital city of Afghanistan. Therefore, Kabul is most crowded in country. Afghanistan has officially language Darice and Pashto. In Country, Summer season is very hot and winter season is very cold.

Quick facts

Population 30,419,928
Density 46.6 / km2 ( 120.8 / mi2 )
Languages Persian, Pushto
Independence Year 1919
Capital Kabul (Kabul)
Currency Afghani
GDP 20,841,951,232 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 685 (2014 data)
Land Area 652,230 km2 (251,827 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries IranTurkmenistanChinaPakistanTajikistanUzbekistan
Minimum Longitude 60.480
Maximum Longitude 74.880
Mininum Latitude 29.380
Maximum Latitude 38.480


Map of Afghanistan

Picture of Afghanistan

Where is Afghanistan Located in The World And Map
Where is Afghanistan Located in The World And Map

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