Where does Interstate 66 Start (Begin) and End | Where is Map

Where does Interstate 66 Start (Begin) and End

Where does Interstate 66

States District of Columbia, Virginia

Cities in the District: Washington
in Virginia: Arlington, Winchester

Short description of Interstate 66 or the history of a great Plan. When the Americans began building highways across the country, they found that although it was possible to drive west from Boston, New York, North Carolina and Florida, and even from Baltimore, it was not possible to drive west from the capital of Washington. To change this was a historical task. The planned route was given number 66, a mythical number.

The road was once supposed to lead from Washington across the mountains of West Virginia, through Kentucky and Missouri to Wichita in Kansas. From here, the Rockies should be crossed, the valley of the death drive and the coast of the Pacific ocean (possibly in San Jose) can be achieved. All subjunctive.

The first oil shock came, the aircraft came as a means of transport. It was recognized that, to the west of Wichita, no one actually lived who could have used the stress locally. A highway in Death Valley couldn’t be sold anymore. They gave up the route west of Wichita, the dream had burst. East of Wichita there are still plans to build an I 66, but they are vague and will hardly be implemented quickly.

From the great dream of connecting the capital of Washington with the Pacific, there was left the route from Washington to Winchester, as a suburban route from Washington often place extensive traffic jams and just 77 miles long, from over 2000 originally planned.
Length 77 miles or 124 km
No duty to pay fees

Where does Interstate 66 Start (Begin) and End
Where does Interstate 66 Start (Begin) and End

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