Where does Interstate 44 Start (Begin) and End | Where is Map

Where does Interstate 44 Start (Begin) and End

Where does Interstate 44

States Of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

St DTE in Missouri: Joplin, Rolla, Springfield, St. Louis

in Oklahoma: Lawton, Oklahoma City, Tulsa
in Texas: Wichita Falls
Brief description even though Interstate 44 seems to be somewhat offended at first sight and insignificant, it has a great past between St. Louis and Oklahoma City. On this route it replaces the legendary old US 66, so that you can find in many places off the I 44 still many remains of that Great Old Road. But that is not the U.S. 66 itself largely partially to the I 44. In Missouri, it was over long distances simply by the addition of a second lane of the US 66 to I-44. The route to Wichita Falls in Texas is a kind of Appendix of the Interstate-strap system. From here, at least on Interstates, only to nowhere.
L to nge 634 miles or 1,021 km

From the border to Missouri to Tulsa, the Will Rogers Turnpike leads to Tulsa, from Tulsa to Oklahoma the Turner Turnpike and from Oklahoma to The shortly before the border to Texas (with the exception of a short piece before and after Lawton) the H. E. Bailey Turnpike. All three routes are operated by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Paid routes are drawn in green on the map below.

Interstate 44
Interstate 44

Where does Interstate 44 Start (Begin) and End
Where does Interstate 44 Start (Begin) and End

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