Where does Interstate 35 start and end? | Where is Map

Where does Interstate 35 start and end?

Where does Interstate 35

States Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Cities in Iowa: Ames, Des Moines, Mason City
in Kansas: Emporia, Overland Park, Wichita
in Minnesota: Albert Lea, Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
in Missouri: Kansas City, Liberty
in Oklahoma: Ardmore, Oklahoma City
in Texas: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Laredo, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco, Waxahachie

Brief description the Route takes you across the United States and in the middle of the conservative heart of the country. Starting from the Overseas Port (!) Duluth at the western end of the Great Lakes, the route leads to the shopping paradise of Minneapolis, which is increasingly becoming a (medical) high-tech centre. At the latest in Iowa, one is in the midst of the healing world of Republicans and Christian fundamentalists. Missouri, Kansas udn Oklahoma are fertile states, sometimes they also seem terribly boring.

The route, which now reaches the more populated area, continues through the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area to the capital of Texas, to Austin. Many descendants of German settlers live in the area. In the city of San Antonio you can find numerous Spanish-Mexican traces and also traces of not always nonviolent dealing with each other. The Route ends at the Mexican border near Laredo, the former capital of the short-lived Republic on the Rio Grande. It is remarkable that there are the I 35 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area two times, in an Eastern and western Version (each with two directions).
Length of 1.565 miles, or 2.518 km
Fee obligation between Emporia and the border between Kansas and Oklahoma is the I 35 fee (marked in green). She’s following the Kansas Turnpike.

Interstate 35
Interstate 35

Where does Interstate 35 start and end?
Where does Interstate 35 start and end?

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