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What countries surround Colombia?

What countries surround Colombia?Colombia is a country located northwest of South America. Colombia is bordered by Venezuela and Brazil to the west, the Great Ocean to the South, Ecuador to the South, and Peru to the northwest, Panama to the North, and the Caribbean Sea to the north.

Where is Colombia?

Colombia consists of 6 different regions and is the capital city of Bogota. The two largest cities of the country are Bogota and Medellin. In addition, Bogota city is the third highest-rise capital in the world. Colombia’s official language is Spanish. About 80 local languages are used in Colombia, which has many different ethnic groups.

Colombia 90 percent of the country’s population believes in Christianity. The country’s currency is Colombia pesos. Colombia has a tropical climate and the best time to visit the country is between May and November. Colombia does not require visas for visits not exceeding 90 days. There are flights departing from Istanbul to Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

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