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What and Where is Pangolins?

What and Where is Pangolins? – There are many living things in the World that we didn’t hear their name. Too, one of the these is Pangolin. Pangolin have a shimmering image, and at first glance, it’s like a pine cone cause of the stamps covering their bodies.

Where is Pangolins?

So, Which region living these? and Are there like what features? Here’s information about Pangolin…

Pangolins are also called ‘live pine cones’. Because , There are head, back, large brown scales covering the tail and legs in its body. Pangolin’s sticky tongue 300 cm. it’s as tall as it is. In this way, Whatever it is, It can eat without difficulty with tongue such as termite, ant, pupa, larvae and eggs.

Pangolins have eight types. Four of them in living Asita continent and others four living in Africa. Therefore, a few Pangolin species are extinct. The life of these sweet creatures changing among 30-100 cm. Pangolins live tree pests or in the pits they dug. Pangolins living space varies by type.

Pangolins puls being used in important diseases such as cancer in traditional Chinese medicine. Recently, caught 3.1 tone pangolins pul in China. This is exactly, what its means was killed 7 thousand 500 pangolin.

What and Where is Pangolins
What and Where is Pangolins

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