Washington D.C Map and Map of Washington D.C, Washington D.C on Map | Where is Map

Washington D.C Map and Map of Washington D.C, Washington D.C on Map

Washington D.C Map

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America and comprises the so-called District of Columbia (abbreviated as “D.C.”), an entity different from the 50 states that make up that nation. The city and district are located on the banks of the Potomac River and are surrounded by the states of Virginia (to the West) and Maryland (to the North, East and South).

The District of Columbia, founded on July 16, 1790, is a federal district, as specified in the Constitution of the united States. The U.S. Congress has the highest authority over the District of Columbia, even though the district has delegated considerable authority to the municipal government. The area in which the original District is located came from the state of Maryland, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

However, the area south of the Potomac River (approximately 100 km2) was returned to Virginia in 1847 and is now part of Arlington County and the city of Alexandria. Since 1847, the rest of the area forming the area now known as the District of Columbia was Maryland.

Its foundation is due to Thomas Jefferson receiving James Madison and Alexander Hamilton for a dinner at which they agreed that the capital of the new country should be in one of the so-called “Southern states”. This decision was made because of the debts of the war of Independence.

The site on the Potomac River was chosen by President Washington. Washington may have chosen the site for its natural landscape, believing that the Patowmack canal would transform the Potomac into a large waterway that would reach Ohio and the U.S. inland. The city was officially called Washington on September 9, 1791.
The federal district was called the District of Columbia because Columbia was a widely used name in the United States of the time, which were close to the 300th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first trip to America in 1492.

Washington D.C on Map
Washington D.C on Map
Washington D.C Map
Washington D.C Map
Map of Washington D.C
Map of Washington D.C

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