United Kingdom Map and Map of United Kingdom, United Kingdom on Map | Where is Map

United Kingdom Map and Map of United Kingdom, United Kingdom on Map

United Kingdom Map

United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a sovereign member state of the European Union and located northwest of Europe. Its territory consists geographically of the island of Great Britain, the northeast territory of the island of Ireland and adjacent small islands.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the country with a land border, which separates it from the Republic of Ireland. Apart from this border, it is surrounded to the North and West by The Atlantic Ocean, to the East by the North Sea, to the South by the English Channel and to the West by the Irish Sea.

The United Kingdom is a unitary state comprising four constituent countries: Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, and is governed by a parliamentary system based on government in London, the capital, but with three decentralized national administrations in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, the capitals of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively.

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom as head of state. The Crown Dependencies of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the United Kingdom, but are part of a federation with it. The United Kingdom has fourteen overseas territories, all vestiges of what was once the British Empire, which at its territorial peak reached nearly a quarter of the Earth’s surface.

United Kingdom on Map
United Kingdom on Map
United Kingdom Map
United Kingdom Map
Map of United Kingdom
Map of United Kingdom

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