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TBT Happy Thankful Thursday

TBT Happy Thankful Thursday
My weightloss progress/journey
In 2014 I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failer had high blood pressure high cholesterol swollen legs couldn’t breath in the hospital depressed in an abusive marriage controlled by my husband he told me if I lost weight I’d lose him and I believe that for so long.
On November 29,2015 I woke up in the hospital with a nurse tending to my cuts and a police officer taking pictures one thing that I’ll always remember him saying that day was ma’am I can’t tell you what to do only that your one of the lucky ones he was right because I could have left my kids that night so I did something I never had the courage to do I pressed charges and he was picked up and put in jail
On December 5,2015 I filed for divorce after 27 yrs married 34 yrs together .I lost friends and family my sister was the hardest to live without but life goes on and I’ve had to accept her not being in my life no longer
I’ve come along way since then and have really dedicated myself to this life change having CHF surgery is not an option or taking diet pills of any kind what’s worked for me is doing portion control not much soda sweets on occasion 64 oz at the least of water and walking I look forward to meeting my next goal and that’s losing these 21 lbs to finally be out of the 300 plus I’ll get there I’ve done great so far
My sister’s don’t let no one ever tell you that you cant do it I’m proof you can I love life so much and so much stronger now I want to be here many more years for my 4 loves want to ride a bike again go roller skating and just go for a run through daily pain I press through
Life is so beautiful and short to not live it to the fullest every day 

Much love from me one of the lucky ones to you ?
God bless you and your family

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