Riverside Map and Map of Riverside, Riverside on Map | Where is Map

Riverside Map and Map of Riverside, Riverside on Map

Riverside Map

Riverside is the sixty-first largest city in the United States, the twelfth largest city in California.

Founded in 1870 by a group from the East of the united States that wished to establish a colony dedicated to education and culture, the city is named for the nearby Santa Ana River, and is the birthplace of the citrus industry of California. Built on what had originally been a Spanish Ranch. The first golf and polo fields in Southern California were built in Riverside.

There were planted in 1871 the first orange trees for which the city is famous. It is the sixty-first largest city in the united States, the twelfth of California, the first region of the Inland Empire and the fourth largest in the interior of California, has the fourteenth largest metropolitan area of the nation, as well as being part of the second area combined statistical largest in the country.

The population is over 320,000. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Real estate prices in Riverside are significantly lower than those in the adjoining counties. This has led to stable growth. This has contributed to the dense traffic being integrated by residents traveling to their work centers in Orange County and Los Angeles. It is the home of Sierra University, California Baptist College and the University of California, Riverside, which has a citrus Experimental Station and a salinity laboratory. Also in the city is Riverside International Raceway an Autodrome that hosted national and international racing.

Riverside on Map
Riverside on Map
Riverside Map
Riverside Map
Map of Riverside
Map of Riverside

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