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Riga Map and Map of Riga, Riga on Map

Riga Map

Riga. Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, near the mouth of the Daugava River in the Gulf of Riga, it is the largest city in the Baltic states and the largest cultural, educational, political, financial, commercial and industrial centre in the region.

The population of the city has decreased since the independence of Latvia in 1991 from 910,000 to 760,000 inhabitants, mainly as a result of emigration by the Russian minority.

In Riga, Latvians represent 42% of the population, Russians represent almost the same percentage. Thanks to its historical and architectural richness, as well as its great cultural vitality, inhabited houses and church towers from the Middle Ages coexist, with buildings in ‘art nouveau’ and eclectic architectures.

To this must be added the charm proper of the green boulevards of the city and of the wooden buildings, which are located across the Daugava River. Among the places of interest are the cathedral, the casa de Las Cabezas negras (Melngaviu names), the monument to freedom and the Riga Castle.

Riga on Map
Riga on Map
Riga Map
Riga Map
Map of Riga
Map of Riga

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