Pittsburgh Map and Map of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh on Map | Where is Map

Pittsburgh Map and Map of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh on Map

Pittsburgh Map

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh can be considered divided into four sections: the north side, the south side, the East and west boundaries.

Both the North and the south are subdivided, but in total we can consider that there are about 88 neighborhoods in the city, all flanked by Highways and slopes. Highlights the large number of bridges we can find in the area, as Allegheny County has more than 1700, of which 720 are within the boundaries of the city of Pittsburgh.

The city of Pittsburgh, part of the state of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1758 and joined the Union in 1816 and is also known as the Burgh. – Has a population of 350000 inhabitants. Approximately but if we count the total population of Allegheny County, to which it belongs, we have approximately 1336,000 people. An average of almost four million people visit the city every year.

In 1754, the French built fortress Duquesne on the site that became Pittsburgh. During the French and Indian War, British general Juan Forbes occupied the fortress. He asked for the construction of the Pitt fortress, named after the British Secretary of State William Pitt the elder. He also named the establishment between the Pittsborough rivers.”

Pittsburgh on Map
Pittsburgh on Map
Pittsburgh Map
Pittsburgh Map
Map of Pittsburgh
Map of Pittsburgh

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