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Paris Map and Map of Paris, Paris on Map

Paris Map

Paris. Capital of France and of the region of Island of France. Formed in the only one-departmental commune in the country, it is situated on both sides of a long meander of the Seine River, in the centre of the Parisian Basin, between the confluence of the Marne River and the Seine upstream, and the Oise and the Seine River downstream.

The city of Paris within administrative limits has an estimated Population of 2 190 327 inhabitants in 2015. However, during the TWENTIETH Century, the metropolitan area expanded beyond the limits of the commune. The urban area, the second largest in Europe, had an estimated population of 10,601,122 in 2013.

The Paris region (island of France) is, along with London, the most important economic centre in Europe. With 500,8 billion euros (630 billion us dollars), accounted for one-quarter of the Gross domestic Product (GDP) of France in 2006.

La Défense is the first business district in Europe, home to the headquarters of almost half of the largest French companies, as well as the headquarters of twenty of the world’s 100 largest. In this area, several of the largest skyscrapers in France are located. Paris also hosts or has hosted many international organizations such as UNESCO.

Paris on Map
Paris on Map
Paris Map
Paris Map
Map of Paris
Map of Paris

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