Ok...I'm gonna try to shorten this but we've been together 5 years so.... | Where is Map

Ok…I’m gonna try to shorten this but we’ve been together 5 years so….

Ok…I’m gonna try to shorten this but we’ve been together 5 years so….
Boyfriend can’t stay away from his ex when drunk. He had a second child with her while with me, broke up got back together. I broke up with him 2 years ago again and he showed up at my house, I was drunk, I got pregnant. Tired to work it out for our son.

Now, our son is 1. He still screws up staying out all night, drinking, gambling, etc. I saw texts from him to her (that he deleted of course) with him wanting to go to her house add.y 130am. Broke up with him again after that (a month ago) but still live together. He is on workers comp. Hopefully settlement soon (jan/feb?) He’s a great father, to our son. ( he has 4 other kids, he sees 3, not close with them, pays support).

He didnt come home last night, was at his ex’s house ( may not have been , who knows who cares he’s single. ) he didnt come home til 1:30 in the afternoon. I had to call off work. So I’m done, not risking my job, i found a place to live with my son and a friend.

He says he’s going for full custody. Yea I know I don’t have to worry….but. he cant afford to live on his own has no where to go. He is guilting me about being homeless and me taking our son from him. I told him I want 50/50. He says no. He’s really trying to make me the bad guy that I’m breaking up the family.

I don’t want my son in this toxic world. I offered to help him apply for assistance. He’s making me feel terrible for moving out. He is a gaslighting narcissist and I can’t do it anymore. Especially now that he affected my job.

Do i stay until he gets his settlement so he can have a place to live? Do i leave and move in with my friend (who btw can’t afford her rent on her own so will have to move in with her mom if I change my mind) ? I even offered to store furniture for him.

This may sounds like a no brainer but I’m seriously lost and feeling guilty. Ask whatever questions, I’m an open book.

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