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I’m fighting for custody of my 13 year old.

This post is for a friend of mine that’s like a sister to me. She needs prayer but wishes to remain anonymous!
I’m wondering if you can add my situation to a prayer chain.
I’m fighting for custody of my 13 year old. Her dad is an addict that i have a recording admitting he’s gotten high several times this past year. He lives in Colorado Springs also, and yet, only sees her once energy couple of weeks; never during the week. He’s either been on probation, parole, in jail, a halfway house or prison, for the past 30 years. He’s currently on parole. And his parenting style is to tell her “bc i said so”.

She’s living with her grandfather, paternal grandmother died in April…of an overdose of pain meds.
My daughter is failing in school bc she isn’t turning in homework. She’s getting As on exams, but Ds and Fs on schoolwork. She has no exercise at all, school no longer offers P.E., and she rarely goes and does things with friends. She isolates in her room and does whatever she wants, there’s no real rules or boundaries.

I spoke with her GAL attorney today. And he’s pretty hung up on moving her out of Colorado to live with me. I explained that military families and those taking jobs, move their families every few years, and the kids are just fine. And when DHS removes a child into foster care, bc it’s “better for the child”, no one blinks an eye. So moving her here isn’t a bad thing. She’d have 2 hands on parents, physically active, active in school work and setting boundaries.
So please just pray. We go to court November 21st. Please pray that God will touch the judges and the GALs heart and make the decision that has the best effects long term for my daughter’s life.

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